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VIP snack club

What is the Tastlys VIP snack club?

This club for all our customers who subscribe to receive a snack box every month.


Why should I subscribe?

There are many great reasons to subscribe.

First, you don’t have to worry about reordering every month. Come rain or shine you will receive your Snack box on the 1st of every month (give or take a day).

Second, well, just look at these benefits:

Subscribe to receiving a snack box every month and receive the following exclusive VIP benefits*:

  • Upto 10% off normal retail price
  • 50% off shipping
  • Exclusive snack bonuses every month (extra snacks, extra packs etc.)
  • Free snack giftbox for your Birthday and Christmas
  • Guaranteed snack rotation every three months.
  • First to receive new snacks
  • Occasional free goodies hidden in you snack boxes
  • Exclusive discounts

And don’t worry, you can cancel anytime.
Need I say anymore?

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