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The Tastlys Snack Timetable

Snacking is fantastic way to curb eating, keep sugar levels stable, boost metabolism and improve concentration throughout the day. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. To snack effectively you need discipline.

Its way to easy to use snacking as an excuse to over indulge in some of your unhealthy favourites. Convincing yourself that you just curbing your eating. When in fact, you just setting your body up for a sugar crash or over packing calories into your snack times. Don’t get me wrong, the occasional treat at snack time is a great way to ward off cravings and improve mood. The key word is ‘occasional’ and this where the word discipline is important.

To help with that, we suggest you start a snacking routine, have specific times each day when you eat your meals and snacks. Keep these times, and make sure you eat smaller portions at snack times and slightly bigger portions at meal times. Lastly, and most importantly, almost all these meals and snacks need to be nutritious and healthy. If you start doing this, you will be well on your way to experiencing the wonderful benefits of snacking!

Below is example of a Daily Snacking Routine with Tastlys:




7:00 am

Option 1: Yogurt+ Muesli

Option 2: Eggs + Bacon

Beverage: Tea or coffee or 100% fruit juice

Mid am snack

10:30 am

Option 1: Granola Bar + fruit

Option 2: Rice pops/cakes + fruit

Beverage: Water


12:30 pm

Option 1: Fresh Tuna/Chicken Salad + Provita & low-fat cheese wedge

Option 2: Health bread sandwich with ham, lettuce, tomatoes and avo + Free range biltong

Beverage: Water or 100% fruit juice

Mid pm snack

15:30 pm

Option 1: pretzel sticks + fruit or raw veg

Option 2: Raw nuts snack + fruit or raw veg

Beverage: Water


19:00 pm

Option 1: Spaghetti Bolognese

Option 2: Stir fry veg and grilled chicken

Beverage: Tea

Tastlys snack packs help you or your kids to start creating this discipline by providing portion controlled and balanced snacks for Tasty and healthy snack times. Check out what snack options we offer you here

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