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The Snack movement is here!

In a fast-moving world, people are looking more and more to snacks to keep them going. Sure, breakfast, lunch and dinner will always have its place for those social occasions. But snacks are becoming the staple for most of us as we look to keep the hunger away without spending hours on creating Michelin star meals.

Snacks today are becoming tastier and healthier. Slowly shaking the reputation as unhealthy or tasting like “rabbit” food. This has allowed snacking to slowly gain momentum as a guilt free way to satisfy one’s hunger. No longer, is the word snacking tied solely to chocolates, sweets or chips. Snacking is healthy when you make smart choices such as fruit, raw nuts, oat bars and grain snacks.


If you think about it, there is a lot more healthy snacks out there than unhealthy. Next time you at your local super market think about what you see in the sweet aisle. In the end, it pretty much comes down to chocolates, sugary sweets, chips and biscuits. Different brands but same thing.

Now let’s consider the variety of available healthier snacks: rice cakes, rice crackers, loads of different nuts, raisins, dried fruit and nut bars, granola bars, dried fruit snacks, popcorn, corn snacks and various health biscuits. And that is just scratching the surface. There are many more gluten free, vegan, diary free and sugar free snacks all with the goal of meeting the ever-growing demand for healthier snacks.

The Snack movement is well and truly here, and with the rise of ‘Snack chefs’ making healthier and tastier snacks it is taking the world by storm!

If you think about it, there is a lot more healthy snacks out there than unhealthy

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