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Snack Review- Safari fruit flakes

Snack Name: Safari fruit flakes (32g serving)


A 32g Safari fruit flake serving contains 107kcal. Safari fruit flakes consist of 83% fruit contents (49% dried fruit, 34% guava pulp). So you could say 83% of the product is made from good, healthy ingredients – not bad. The other 17% are ingredients such as added sugar, preservatives and flavourings – the not so good stuff. Overall sugar content is high, but you can be assured most of this is from the fruit content of the snack (natural sugars). The fruit flakes are fat free and high in fibre. Sodium levels are acceptable. Overall the Safari fruit flakes are a great fruit snack with some good ingredients and some not so good, but generally it has a good nutritional value earning it a I/N rating of 4/5


The Safari fruit flakes is by far one of the tastiest dried fruit snacks around. The flakes are soft, juicy and tasty with hint of sweetness. You can taste the fruity flavours, meaning the added sugars are not overpowering. This snack is Tasty 4/5


Overall its price averages about R5.00 per 32g bag. Although Safari has other dried fruit products, there is only one combination of fruit flake flavours. Therefore, it gets an average P/V score of 3/5

Overall score and thoughts:

The Safari fruit flakes are a great dried fruit snack and it is easy to see why it is a popular lunch box product. It is tasty and perfectly sized with some good nutritional benefits. This product has been around for a while and I don’t see it going anywhere soon and for good reason.

Final Tastlys Rating: 4/5

Look out for fruit flakes in all our snack boxes! It is that good!

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