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Snack Review- Jungle Oats Energy Bar

Snack Name: Jungle oats energy bar- yoghurt (40g serving)


A 40g yoghurt Jungle oats energy bar will give you approximately 181kcal of energy. It has high sugar nutritional values. 53% of the bar is oats which is a great source of fibre, unfortunately the rest of the ingredients is what increases its sugar levels. These other ingredients include items such as sugary syrups and the white chocolate coating (20% of the bar). Fat levels are also not great. Positives are that the bar is high in fibre and low in sodium. The Jungle oats energy bar delivers oats, but along with-it sugar. 2/5


Oats fans will appreciate this snack. The taste of oats is prominent, compacted together with sweet syrups, it gives you a sweet chewy taste with the odd oat crunch. The white chocolate melts in your mouth to offer a creamy after taste. It is sweet and may be a bit much for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.  A great tasty oat snack, its sweetness the only downside 4/5


The Jungle oats energy bars goes for around R8.00 per bar. Many variants are available such as milk chocolate, berries, dark chocolate, nuts, lite etc. It’s priced in line with other energy bars on the market. The variety of flavours for the Jungle oats energy bar is a real winner. Healthier options such as dark chocolate and a lite version is a great addition. This variety and fair price give it a P/V score of 5/5

Overall score and thoughts:

The Jungle oats brand is a family favourite, known for its quality breakfast oats, the bars make for great addition to its product line. It is tasty and stays true to its oats roots. There are many variants, ensuring your taste buds won’t go bored. The only downside is the high sugar and fat levels which make it a snack to be eaten on the odd occasion or when doing exercise.

Final Tastlys Rating: 4/5

On the odd occasion you can find the Jungle oats bars in our kids and teen snack boxes.

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