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Snack Review- Bakers Cheddars

Snack Name: Bakers Cheddars (33g serving)


A 33g serving of Bakers Cheddars contains 162kcal. The great thing about the cheddars snack is it contains little sugar. It also has some good dietary fiber. On the negative side, Baker Cheddars has relatively high sodium and fat levels. A mixed bag gives Bakers Cheddars a I/N rating of 3/5


Bakers Cheddars is a great savoury snack, with good taste and great crunch. This snack has a unique taste making it a different type of biscuit snack. 4/5


Overall its price averages about R5.00 per 33g bag. It has many great flavours such as fruit chutney, cheese, bacon and biltong. Bakers Cheddars has a decent price and good selection variety helping it achieve a P/V score of 5/5

Overall score and thoughts:

Bakers Cheddars is a popular lunch box savoury snack. It’s perfect lunch box size and variety of flavours helps keep lunches interesting and tasty. Low sugar levels make it a healthier option, however relatively high sodium and fat levels mean we can’t give it a full score.

Final Tastlys Rating: 4/5

Lookout for Bakers Cheddars in our snack boxes for a great savoury snack!

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