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Snack Review- BA! Energy bar

Hey fellow snackers!! This is the first of many reviews we going to do on all your favourite snacks.

At Tastlys we see ourselves as “snacksperts”. What is that you ask?

Well here is our definition: “Experts in all things snacks and snack related”

So as snacksperts, we are going to go through some your favourite snacks with a fine-tooth comb and see whether it is snackspert approved! Enjoy!

Snack Name: BA! Energy Bar (40g serving)


A 40g BA! Energy bar contains 154kcal. It consists of a high amount carbohydrates and sugars. Some of these sugars are natural and are by products of the fruit content in the Energy bar. Otherwise it has acceptable Fat and Sodium levels. Overall the BA! Energy bar has some nice ingredients but is quite high in sugar which means we will have to give it a I/N rating of 3/5


The BA! Energy bar looks great and tasty. When you bite into it, it delivers with great tastes of dried fruit and nuts with hint of chocolate or yogurt further enhancing the taste. It is on the sweet side and can definitely be passed as healthier replacement to your normal chocolate fix. Overall, it’s a crowd pleaser, which earns it a score of 4/5


Overall its price averages about R8.00 per bar and there is wide variety of flavours. It’s priced competitively, and at a price that you are satisfied you getting value for money. Therefore, it gets respectable P/V score of 4/5

Overall score and thoughts:

It is easy to see why the BA! Energy bar is one of the most popular energy bars out there. With great visual presentation and taste, it appeals to Kids and Adults alike. It has some great ingredients making it a healthier option. However, high sugar and carbohydrates make it what it says…an energy bar.

Final Tastlys Rating: 3.5/5

Watch out for the mini BA! and the 40g BA! in our kids and teen/adult snack boxes respectively.

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