Got Questions?

We got Answers…

How do I buy a snack box?

You simply visit our online shop page , add your desired item to your cart, click your basket at the top right hand section of the website and checkout. You will then be guided though a secure process to finish processing your order.

If you struggle at any point, or prefer to order over email please send your request to and we will help you to get your snack box.

How do I pay?

Upon checkout you can either pay by making a traditional EFT payment or use PayFast. PayFast is a secure and convenient payment gateway that allows you to pay by instant eft, credit card or debit card.

When do I receive my snack boxes?

Once payment is received, you can expect delivery of your snack boxes in approximately 3-5 working days

What snacks can I expect in the packs?

We change our snacks regularly to keep things interesting (the pictures are only examples). However, our packs usually follow this balanced food group guideline:
• 1x Carbohydrate (eg. Rice cake, Popcorn, Biscuits)
• 1x Fruit Snack (eg. Fruit Flakes, Dried Fruit, Fruit chews)
• 1x Protein (eg. Biltong, Peanuts, Mixed Nuts)
• 1x Beverage (eg. Water or Juice)

What about food allergies?

You can request to replace one item type per box (e.g. peanuts). We will do our best to make sure the requested item does not appear in your packs. However, snacks will be consumed at own risk, and you are responsible to remove items you or your kids may be allergic to. Please refer to product packaging for a list of ingredients and warnings. If you have any concerns or requests please feel free to contact us.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide. Your courier fee will be added to your order upon checkout.

Is there free delivery?

Yes, if your order is above R1000 and delivery address is in the Gauteng region.

How do you pronounce Tastlys?


Do I get the same snacks every week?

No, week 1 and week 2 snacks are completely different. Week 3 snacks are similar to week 1 and week 4 snacks are similar to week 2. Please email to see the full menu for the month.

Do you pack snacks for events?

Yes, we pack snack packs for all types of events. Please email your requirements to and we will make sure you have Tastly snack packs at your event.