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Welcome to Tastlys!
Why we do, what we do

At Tastlys we understand how important your kid’s health is to you. We also understand how busy life can get. That’s why we decided to give parents a break when it comes to preparing lunch. We do this by planning, sourcing and packing well balanced snack packs for each day of the month. This saves parents time, money and stress.

We make sure the products in the snack packs are exciting and of the best quality. As you and your kids deserve nothing less. Now you can be assured your kids will always have Tastly snacks to look forward to.

Don’t forget, we also have Adult and Teen snack packs tailor made for the more advanced taste buds.

Our Vision

To make lunchboxes fun again!

Healthy benefits of snacking (to name a few):

• Prevents over eating at meal times
• Boosts concentration levels throughout the day
• Helps maintain metabolism levels
• Keeps sugar levels stable

Why choose Tastlys snacks?
Eat More Healthfully
Healthy snacking will help curb over eating.
Only Best Quality
We look for products that are made with care.
No Commitment Required
Buy when you want or subscribe with the option to cancel or pause anytime
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Top Brands
Our snack packs are filled with trusted brands.
Tailor Made Snack Packs
We create packs filled with snacks that appeal to Kids, Teens and Adults.
Buy, join or cancel anytime

Start living the stress free, healthy snacking lifestyle today!