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Judy woke up to the usual 6 am alarm. Bathed, got dressed, and nagged her kids to get dressed for school. Again, Judy was running late and she hadn’t even packed lunch yet. She looked in the cupboard only to find it empty. Time was running and so were her kids. Judy became stressed and then resigned to giving her kids lunch money. Knowing her kids would probably buy overpriced junk food from the tuck shop.

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Only if there was an already packed lunch with an exciting balance of snacks for Judy’s kids to have for lunch…

Now there is!!!!

Tastlys’s pre-packed snacks will have your kids looking forward to their lunch every day!!

Don’t delay! Order a month’s supply of snack packs today for the entire family and start enjoying lunch again!

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Pre-Packed Snack Packs & Lunch Packs Delivered to Your Door

Our pre-packed lunchbox snack packs are made to keep you and your family going. We provide you with tasty snacks to fill your lunchbox with the highest quality products and snacks. We pack fabulous snacks for your work or school lunchbox each day. You can easily select the items you want to see in your lunch packs by using our “build-a-box” option. This is hassle-free lunchbox packing! Your lunchbox is packed for the week or an entire month.